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Dear Friends,

While we believe that everyone's hearts should be connected in a subtle, spiritual way, we do not believe that in this day and age the details of each person's material life should even be available, much less connected, without their conscious permission. We believe that people should be allowed to move about freely, make decisions privately, and contact others with comments or requests for information or guidance with confidence.

As such, our privacy policy is simple. Any private information you may share with us remains private. We will not share any of it at any time for any reason. This includes any interactions on our web site as well as any personal emails you may send us with comments or questions.

We take your privacy, safety and comfort as seriously as we take our own. While reading through our site, you will surely end up visiting third party sites via text links or advertisements. As you can see by the fact that every link here to a web site is annotated in some way, we make every effort to sort through many possible sites and only present to you sites we find to be of good quality and presenting constructive information in an appropriate fashion. We maintain strict standards here at home with ourselves and our children and want to extend that same care to you. However, we have no control over the content, products or advertisements on other sites and as such cannot guarantee the accuracy of their content nor the modesty of their presentation. Please proceed with caution with any site you enter for the first time and read the privacy policies they offer as theirs may differ from ours.

Any services or products recommended or offered on the site as links in the side margins have been reviewed by us and are only recommended based upon that review.

This privacy statement was last updated on December 4, 2007.


                                        All the best,

                                        Paul and Leslie








If you would like to support the Pockets of the Future Project, prayers, encouragement and donations are always welcome.

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