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   Pockets of the Future

Striving to live now as all will live in the future.



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                                                                              My Friend Within is now available in for kindle at Amazon.com for .99 cents!






A hard copy of the book is also through our publishing company Bamboo Grove Press. To learn more, click on the image to visit our E-store. It is a book for toddlers that introduces the idea that God is within the child and everything else. It comes with a free 28 page lesson plan.




Retained Heat Cooking ... the Wave of the Future Again

 by Leslie Romano


Discover how easy it is to make and use your own off-the-grid cook box cook uncommonly good food of all kinds. This is a frugal, time honored method of cooking that saves time, space, money, resources, nutrition and electricity. Includes sections on the history and science of retained heat cooking, how to make and use your own cook box, recipes, homeschooling ideas and ten incredible advantages to cooking highly nutritious, perfectly cooked food with the natural, easy to implement retained heat cooking method. 50 page e-book. $7.99Special Price and you get a free copy On Your Way Towards Solar Cooking with Purchase


After completing your purchase on paypal you will be taken to a webpage where you can download your e-book. If Paypal does not send you to ebook delivery page after you have completed your purchase please email us a pocketsofthefuture@gmail.com  and we will send you the ebooks manually.


On Your Way Towards Solar Cooking: The Why's and Wherefore's of Solar Cooking in Brief

Plus Nearly 50 Links to Solar Cooking Information, Reviews, Directions for Building Your Own, Places to Buy Commercial, and Cookbooks From Which to Make It All Happen

by Leslie Romano

Once you discover the significant benefits of cooking in ways other than on an industrially made stove in an electrified kitchen, you just can't stop! Here on the farm, we have become so enamored with retained heat cooking that we are eager to learn more ways to cook alternatively. Become more prepared and more self-sufficient through solar cooking. This e-book will get you started.

10 page e-book. $3.25                                                                                                                                                              



After completing your purchase on paypal you will be taken to a webpage where you can download your e-book.

Thank you so much for joining our family here at Pockets of the Future. We invite you to sit with us a while to think about the dynamic future ahead and to make bold plans for adjusting our present lives so that we may meet that future agreeably.

As we believe that living more natural lives within the embrace of a spiritual practice and harmonious family ties is a necessity, we want to share our years of research, thoughts, experience and blessings with you and hear also from you about yours. While we find many challenges in seeking such a life, we also find wondrous satisfaction, well being, upliftment and inspiration. All of this you will find here on this web site in one spot or another. Read below to see some of what you can find throughout the site.

It is all here waiting for you, for us. We have only to intuit our new lives and a new future, to make contact with it and to do it. Nature and our inner selves will support our efforts towards realignment and cooperation. Nature will support us as pockets of the future. Read the last section farther down to understand exactly what we mean by "pockets of the future" and what hope lies within them.





Information and Inspiration At Pockets Of The Future

Our deep desire to be a "pocket of the future" has led us to avenues of discovery in many directions. It is also our goal to create an environment in which our children have a greater chance to develop into people with a similar passion and grow into adults with the skills, knowledge and the inner fortitude to share with others in times of future need/change. So our particular blend of inner life and outer life, of ancient ways and future change, of the practical and the philosophical has led us to develop a rich spiritual life, a homestead, spiritually based homeschooling, ways of preparing food from across cultures and times, alternative approaches to building and maintaining homes and outbuildings, and many other things. This site offers:

      Dozens and dozens of detailed videos chronicling us as a family developing our homestead. Watch and learn how to build a straw bale barn, milk cows, make kefir, work with bamboo and a host of other unusually useful things;

      A blog sharing our family’s discoveries, experiences and insights as we move along our path of daily homeschooling/homesteading, and a spiritually based family life complete with links, photos and a rare perspective;

      Annotated links to incredibly useful sites across many subjects with more being added all the time; 

    Our back up plan of alternative systems that we are creating and/or have already implemented covering the major aspects of our lives including spirituality, water, food, waste disposal, housing, energy, medicine/healthcare and passing the time together;

   Photos and information about the plants and animals that are accompanying us and nourishing us as we move towards a new life. We particularly feature information about our rare heritage breed Dutch Belted cows which we find have particular gifts to offer now and in the future;

    Recipes and how to's for everything from soups and kefir-based baked goods to cheeses and butter;

      (Coming soon) Detailed directions/e-books on such subjects as our Outdoor Bamboo Shower with Solar Heated Hot Water Tank, One Method of Straw Bale Construction of Outbuildings, Kefir in the Kitchen - Baking with Real Kefir and The Natural Family Cow.


Pockets of the Future is About Hope and Change

Pockets of the Future and everything on this web site is about hope and change. Hope flourishes because the possibility, the inevitability, of change is always with us. We are living at the edge of hopeful times because profound change has now become essential to maintaining our very existence. Many of us can see that the way we are conducting ourselves both as individuals and as societies is dooming us and the planet. The ripple effect of our actions perhaps goes even farther than we can see and so the change rippling back to us will be deeper than we might anticipate. In this lies our hopeful future. In this lies our challenge. In this lies our duties and responsibilities. In this lies our opportunity to be supported by nature as we cooperate with whatever change comes. 

There are many people scattered all over the world who are reverberating to the call to change. In response, some are pouring their life blood and energy into developing practical and natural systems of life in all the areas life touches. They are functioning as seemingly isolated “pockets of the future”. Some day the intended changes on this earth will be so widespread that these pockets will dissolve into the new future itself. But for now, while this work is deeply rewarding, it is never easy or certain. Here at Pockets of the Future, we wish to provide a safe haven – a place to refuel, find a different perspective, locate resources and connections and generally get refreshed and recharged. 

We as a family are striving to put together one of those pockets of the future – or more to the point, we are striving to be one of those pockets of the future. It is easy to get scared or overwhelmed at the dramatic change we can feel is coming. While perhaps the most effective remedy for this is faith and willingness, another effective remedy is to actually do something to realign ourselves and our children with the change that is already starting to blossom. 

For many years we have been intent upon seeking out the natural and spiritual laws that govern all areas of life. We believe that people of the future will live far more internally directed and natural lives so we are trying to do that now. We are completely convinced that all people in the new future will have a relationship with the divinity that resides within them and that this inner guide will lead them towards living simpler, more harmonious, more joy filled, more natural lives so we are trying to do that now. We believe that in the future modes of communication, education, nourishment, family life, patterns of living and everything else will be set on an entirely new basis and will look very different from what we live with now. Therefore to the extent possible in this present time, we are also searching in various ways for new patterns of living. Often we find that the immediate steps towards creating future living patterns come from seeking the old paths. Finding these old paths takes time and research as well as reliance upon inner direction and outer serendipity. Applying discrimination and intuition to what we find, we do the best we can to shape those old paths into a walkway towards the future. 

Please join us as we walk old pathways and new into the future.


If you would like to support the Pockets of the Future Project, prayers, encouragement and donations are always welcome.


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